Otto's Tall Tales in development

Concept - Eugene and Louise

Director - Glenn D’Hondt, Karim Rhellam

Producer - Creative Conspiracy

Music - Pieter Van Dessel

Supported by - VAF, Media - Creative Europe, Belgian Tax Shelter

OttO's Tall Tales is an animated preschool TV series (51x11') currently in development together with Eugene & Louise.

Growing up is quite an adventure. Step by step, children discover the world with its many rules of play. In OttO’s Tall Tales we explore how a little boy named OttO experiences this big world. He calls upon his own imagination to help him understand situations in real life. Every ordinary day becomes a Tall Tale where reality and imagination melt into one.

The most everyday situations - that seem very normal and unremarkable through his parent’s eyes - can trigger Otto's imagination: the changing of the seasons, redecorating the house, a package delivered by the mailman... They can all be the beginning of a new adventure for OttO. Reality needs just a spark to light up the fireworks of his imagination.

OttO’s Tall Tales not only allows OttO to live extraordinary adventures with his imaginary friends. It also creates the perfect setting for OttO to learn and experience valuable life lessons. That’s how basic themes like ‘sharing’ or ‘being afraid of the dark’ are handled in a very colorful and imaginative way.
OttO’s Tall Tales is a celebration of the unique and wonderful imagination of a child.

In OttO’s imaginary world, his real world home transforms into a fantastic forest landscape and everyday objects become his imaginary friends: there’s his best friend Francis (his teddy bear), Rose (a fox perfume bottle), Elly (a whale bathroom radio), Edward (a frog toilet roll holder), Maria (a squirrel book end), Alfred (an owl book end) and the Gnomes (a collection of colour felt-pens).