Ninja Express 52 x 11 min

Concept - Kim Claeys

Producer - Creative Conspiracy (BE), Frog Box (FR)

Sales - Entertainment One Ltd.

Broadcaster - Ketnet (BE), BBC (UK), Gulli (FR), Huace (China), Turner (ROW)

Supported by - VAF/Mediafund, Screen Flanders, MEDIA - Creative Europe, Belgian Tax Shelter, CNC, Pictanovo

Music - Gregory Caron & Hannes De Maeyer

Sound design - Option Media

Animation - Spicy Acorn, Tchack, Giant

Imagine a delivery service that delivers anything, anywhere and anytime.
A delivery service that’s not restricted by the limitations of time and space.
And to top things off, imagine it being run by three little Ninjas with incredible powers!

© Creative Conspiracy NV/Entertainment One UK Limited/Frog Box SAS/Huace Pictures (Hong Kong) Co. Limited 2017. All rights reserved.