MONSTER DOCTOR In financing phase

Concept - Kim Claeys

When monsters, ghosts or dragons feel a bit under the weather or have had an accident, they go to see a doctor...a Monster Doctor!

In this series, we learn that monsters aren’t as tough as we think, especially when it comes to doctor visits. Ghosts are very squeamish. Trolls and dragons always have to be distracted with a toy before the doctor can set to work. On top of that, monster ailments often require very strange monster cures. So, the Monster Doctor has to be resourceful to deal with all the monster-mishaps. And if the Monster Doctor needs some assistance, he can always count on his two trusty friends and helpers: Tuutaah, the enthusiastic monster bus (also doubling as the Doctor’s home) and The Assistant, an omnipresent bunch of tentacle arms. Together this strange trio find a monster-cure for every monster-ailment imaginable.