Last night, the 20 very best commercials from all over the world were selected in the CBS TV Special ‘Clash of the Commercials’. During the one-hour TV show presented by Heidi Klum and Kevin Frazier, we saw which countries offered the most creative, clever and exciting advertising. The 10 best international commercials ever were put up against the 10 best from the United States.

Viewers were able to vote for their favorite spot, and the Belgian commercial De Lijn Ants was voted second best World commercial.

First price for the category ‘World’ went to Norway with the commercial ‘Man who lived in a film’ for Canal Digital. For the category ‘US’ the first price went to the ‘Baby best man’commercial for E-Trade.

Finally the US won the competition since the American viewers fell for the talking baby from E-Trade.

CC was responsible for the production of De Lijn ants. The advertising idea was provided by advertising agency Duval Guillaume.

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